Why is the Earth a hybrid planet


The intense impact of the human race on planet Earth in the future will surely only increase. Our activities are already pushing our planet towards the state of hybridization, and soon we should move to a completely new category of planets.



In the 1960s the classification of the planet appeared on the Kardashevo scale, which was obsolete and is currently being used by a classification based on unbalanced thermodynamics. Uh, sounds very complicated but without panic, it’s actually very easy. Namely, the new classification system takes into account the possible negative effects that a dominant species on the planet with its technology / industry can have on the entire planet’s biosphere (eg, the chemical composition of the planet and the average temperature change under the influence of advanced species as humans).

The new classification system has five different categories:

Category I: Planet without atmosphere, such as Moon and Mercury

Category II: Planet with a thin atmosphere that contains greenhouse gases, and currently has no life, such as Mars and Venus

Category III: Plans with a thin atmosphere and some biotic activity but not enough to affect the evolutionary state of the planet – such examples are not currently in our solar system, but the young Earth and the young Mars would fall into that group if it was a long time ago a host life.

Category IV: Planet with a thin atmosphere, life on the surface began to have dramatic effects on the flow of energy (transforming energy from one form to another – eg wind energy into mechanical and electrical energy, oil energy in the heat)

Category V: Planets of species that intensely use the energies of the planet and affect its evolutionary state.

It has been scientifically proven that the Earth is currently moving from category IV to category V since its use of energy began to heavily influence the evolutionary state of the planet and change it. Some of the examples are evidence that human activity has affected global warming, people have destroyed many species by their actions, but by engineering and breeding they have created new ones, building the megabras, artificial lakes and large detonations and excavations we have influenced the speed of Earth rotation.

Based on the above we can say that human action of our planet has been changed and that we live on a hybrid planet.





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