Meteoropathy – Just a Myth ?

  You’ve probably witnessed several times that a person suddenly became a phenomenal meteorologist thanks to his/her arthritis or you have a colleague who occasionally hates you if he doesn’t like the […]


Theories About Yawning

    Yawning is a behavior present in all vertebrates. It is characteristic for yawning, in addition to being in common with all vertebrates, that yawning can occur for different reasons, but […]

Why Do We Age?

  The expected life span in the world, for now, is 71.4 years and is considered that one of the greatest achievements of mankind is extended life expectancy – the average life […]

Why Do People Cry?

  Crying is an inseparable part of human emotions. It is defined as creating tears in response to different emotions (anger, happiness, sorrow). According to statistics, women cry in average between 30 […]