How was LSD discovered ?


LSD is a psychedelic drug (the hallucinatory product), better known under the names of acid (“esid”), acid, trip etc. which has reached its upturn in the 60s and 70s of the last century with the growth of the hippie movement. It is easy to get in, most often using papyrus soaked with a solution of LSD crystals that are put into the tongue; no odor and slightly bitter taste. Also, compared to other drugs, one dose of LSD (one paper) is quite cheap and the price is about $ 5.

The history of LSD begins in Sandoz’s Swiss laboratory. Dr. Albert Hofmann, a chemist at Sandoz, then studied the fried head as a potent drug (it is a fungus that infects rhizome and wheat, and during the Middle Ages was responsible for poaching a large number of people who ate grafted cereals).



In 1938, Hofmann made 24 different compounds that had basal lysergic acid as a base, to make LSD as the 25th compound. LSD was primarily intended as a cure for circulatory and respiratory stimulation. However, the tests did not show the expected effect and the LSD research was still discontinued. Five years later, Hofmann returns to LSD because he thinks he is not sufficiently researched. While working in the lab, he accidentally came up with a smaller amount. Thereafter, there was the experience Hofmann described as “anxiety, with mild obscurity, a pleasant experience followed by a highly stimulated imagination; with closed eyes I see stunning images, unusual shapes, a color game like in a kaleidoscope. ” A few days later, April 19, Hofmann made an experiment on himself, taking 0.25 milligrams of LSD. An hour later, he feels strong and sudden changes in perception. As it was forbidden to use motor vehicles at that time, she went home on a bicycle, accompanied by her assistant. During the times, his condition worsened to anxiety and paranoia, even to the extent that he thought his neighbor was a witch, a madman, and LSD poisoned. Today, among the communities that use psychedelics, this day is celebrated as the Day of the Bicycle.
(The picture shows a piece of paper dotted with LSD on which the image is in the memory of Dana Bicikla)


A few years later, LSD is introduced as a cure for psychiatric patients, and even psychiatrists are advised to use LSD to “better understand their patients”. However, by the mid-1960s, the LSD curtailment was forbidden because of its bad influence on social values.

The CIA also dealt with LSD research as a possible “serum of truth” and mind control tools in the MK-ULTRA project. During the project, these features of LSDs were investigated by thousands of people where psychic torture was frequently followed, after which many died. LSD was also investigated as a possible chemical weapon that would disable the enemy, creating hysteria and an unstable mental state, and that the enemy would not have been subjected to physical injury. However, LSD research for this purpose has been abandoned because its effects have been unpredictable.


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