How does our DNA see us ?


In DNA, genes are dictated that dictate all of our features, from color to hair and eyes to height and lifetime. Although still a subject of numerous unresolved issues, DNA is increasingly used in medicine to predict the possible development of the disease (eg predicting the risk of getting breast cancer in women is done by DNA analysis), but also in forensics, where there is now indisputable evidence. Each person on the planet has a different DNA, which means that if the DNA enclosed is found at the crime scene with the DNA of the suspect, the defense will have a very difficult task in proving the innocence of the suspect.


Forensics has hitherto been the most used by DNA for comparison with the DNA of the suspect or for comparison with the DNA of persons already in the police database (whose DNA sample already exists) as well as for detecting the sex of the person who committed the crime.


With advancing technology, advances and forensic methods are advancing. Namely, today it is only possible, based on the DNA sample, to predict how it looks, that is, its physical characteristics. The method is called Phenotyping of DNA (translation of gene information into visible traits). This method foresees the physical characteristics of a person with a certain degree of probability. For some of our features, such as eye and hair color, there are fewer variations in genes, which means that we all have a gene that determines what will be our eyes but it is different from person to person because it is a “record” for eg brown color other than the “note” for blue color. The smaller the variation in genes for a particular feature, the more likely it is that the resulting result for that attribute is correct. For example, exact height is very difficult to predict because there are a large number of genetic variations that determine the height.


(Results from DNA obtained by three people from the picture)


Also, it should be noted that not all features are 100% dictated by genes, but that the environment is a very important factor. For this reason, this method still needs much improvement, but for now it can provide at least the basic information on the perpetrator of the crime and help the police in search for it.


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