An outbreak of Australian megafaun



Megafaunas are large animals weighing more than 45 kilos, but this term is most commonly used for wildlife that is much larger than humans. Megafaun is mainly characterized by long life, slow population growth, low mortality rate, little or no natural predator that can kill an adult single. These features make them very vulnerable to killing people.



It was originally believed that the mega-fauna of Australia was extinct due to climate change (recent ice age), but with new research there is more and more evidence that it is responsible for it.

Some of the extinct animals are, for example, a large 450 kg kangaroo, 7m big lizards and a smaller sized turtle.

Within the 2000-year period, the megafaun population has drastically reduced. More than 85% of animals weighing more than 45 kg have been extinct, and it is responsible for the arrival of the first men on the continent of Australia 50,000 years ago. The main diet was hunting, and people were hunting megafaun animals.



Many studies indicate that even the small intensity of the hunt is sufficient to kill megafaun by humans. Even at the time of the first people in Australia, when people were few, it was calculated that if every man killed only one single species of megafaun in 10 years, for a few hundred years, that species would have been extinct.

Of course the first people were not aware of the consequences of their deeds, but today’s people can not live in ignorance. At the moment we are in the middle of the most influential time on planet Earth and it is up to us to use the knowledge we have gained so far.



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